December 12, 2015

Annual Membership

Annual Single
$285/Year or 23.75/Month

Annual Family:
$405.00/Year or $33.75/Month

Annual Older Adult (62 years or older):
$237.00/Year or $19.75/Month

Annual Older Adult Family:
$375.00/Year or $29.75/Month

*Iowa Sales Tax of 7% will be added to the above prices.

* A proximity card is required to enter HealthQuest. There is a $10 fee on each proximity card.

* Monthly memberships are withdrawn from a checking or savings account. If members choose to pay monthly, there is a $15.00 fee assessed for the term of your memberships agreement.

*Sorry, no children under 14 allowed. Youth 14 & 15 years-old must be accompanied by a parent.