December 12, 2015



Annual (1 Year) Membership

Annual Single
$285/Year or 23.75/Month

Annual Family:
$405.00/Year or $33.75/Month

Annual Older Adult (62 years or older):
$237.00/Year or $19.75/Month

Annual Older Adult Family:
$375.00/Year or $29.75/Month

Semi-Annual ( 6-Month) Membership

Semi-Annual Single:
$184.50/6 mo or $30.75/mo
Semi-Annual Family:
$244.50/6 mo or $40.75/mo
Semi-Annual Older Adult (62 years or older):
$160.50/6 mo or $26.75/mo
Semi-Annual Older Adult Family:
$220.50/6 mo or $36.75/mo
“Pay-As-You-Go” Membership
Pay $6 each time you enter HealthQuest
*Minimum $12/mo. Deducted from your bank account
*Requires a 6-month commitment
*Each time your proximity (entrance) card is used to access the HealthQuest facility you will be charged $6. The amount will be added up at the end of each month (from the 27th of one month to the 26th of the next month) and charged to your bank account.
*$30 Deposit required at signing
**You must use your proximity (entrance) card each time you enter HealhQuest. There will be a $30 fee charged to your account each time you are caught entering HealhQuest without using your Proximity (entrance) card.
“No Commitment” Membership
 No Long-Term Commitment!
Single: $42.95/mo    Family: $52.95/mo
*Must provide notice of the cancellation of membership by the 25th of the month prior to the month of membership termination. (e.g. If you choose to cancel your membership for February, notice must be received, in writing, of your desire to cancel your membership by January 25th.
If notice is not given by this date, the withdraw from your account will still occur with no reimbursement of the charge and your membership will not expire until the end of February.


*Iowa Sales Tax of 7% will be added to the above prices.

* A proximity card is required to enter HealthQuest. There is a $10 fee on each proximity card.

* Monthly memberships are withdrawn from a checking or savings account. If members choose to pay monthly, there is a $15.00 fee assessed for the term of your memberships agreement.

*Sorry, no children under 14 allowed. Youth 14 & 15 years-old must be accompanied by a parent.